Sustainable Clothing


We at Aion Homes have
taken a tiny step toward a revolution in the textile  industry, hoping for a butterfly
effect that helps our environment in any way it can and inspire
others to do the same.

Our brand supports zero waste and fabric management that has
been ignored by the fashion industry for eons. We consciously
collect waste materials from various textile industries
from all over Mumbai, the fate of which otherwise would have
been incineration or dump yards, which is an absolute waste of
hard work, money and effort.


Even using the most natural and eco-friendly dyes leaves some carbon footprint through the process. While we can always use azo-free and natural dyes, we’d rather not use them at all. The raw, pure white hue of undyed fabric is our favourite colour..

Apart from waste textile management, we support and employ underprivileged women from slums around the city and teach them basics of sewing and packaging. This thereby helps them contribute to their households and creates a sense of self-respect in the family.

Home Essentials

For our home wares, we  follow the chief characteristics of Wabi- Sabi that include  asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes.  Our select line of homewards is made by traditional craftsmen based across the country. These are made in small runs respecting the natural material and the time taken forehand crafted products.

All our raw ingredients include only natural clay, stoneware, and ceramics which thereby making the end product a look natural and rustic  in terms of aesthetics.