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Summer Trends for Home Decor All Over the World

A home is a blessing, a haven for loved ones and where one’s heart resides. Owning a house and turning it into your home is a special feeling, a lot like having your own child. Just as each child is unique, each home too has its own character, its distinct feature that makes it exclusive. Like children across the world, homes too come with their genetic codes that are country specific.

Think about it!!

Moroccan homes are characterized by intricate carvings, decorative tiles and mosaic work, colourful fabrics and arched doorways.

Picture Courtesy: Mimar Interiors

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Jump over to Japan and your home will speak of sliding panels made out of translucent paper in wooden frames, ornate wooden carvings, low-lying furniture,paintings and mat floors.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Sometimes people live in unique homes like those in South Philippines who reside in tree houses and the Eskimos in Igloos.

Picture Courtesy: Casa Vogue & Ben Canales

Homes in India are vibrant with a lot of colour, a touch of religion and arte facts infused into their being.

Picture Courtesy: Good Earth Store

Houses across the world get their unique characteristics from the country’s culture and ethnicity and are also weather-specific. However, with globalization and immigration, these houses are now blending and adapting to newer cultures and decor, making a home all the more unique.

So, whichever part of the world you may belong or whatever your taste in home decor maybe, here are some great ideas to adapt this summer and year 2017.

Trend: With the onset of summer – fresh and bright colours, mixed patterns, artistic products and cheerful motifs have emerged as the top home decor trends. Let nature take over this season, get everything organic, pure and raw into your home. Integrate flowers and foliage into your daily living, plant a vertical garden if need be. Create a virtual garden indoors so you don’t have to venture out and bear the unforgiving blaze of heat. Summer is just the time to be carefree and comfortable.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Colour & Hues: Green is the flavour of the season and year 2017, according to the Pantone 2017 Colour of the Year. This youthful and refreshing hue (also known as Greenery) represents rejuvenation and fresh beginnings, just what one needs for the summer.  Green and most of its shades work anywhere throughout your home, be it the wall, the cushions, the curtains or the rug. For the perfect summer effect, add a dash of yellow and orangey reds too. So that’s greens, yellows and orange for you – just like a sunflower blooming in a lush field against the sunset.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Motifs: Bring in the elements of nature into your home to feel the warmth of summer.Butterflies and tropical prints are catching up as the trending motifs. Use it on wallpapers, cushion covers, table ware or artefacts. Butterflies represent the qualities of summer; freedom, happiness and a new life. These motifs will also help add character to your home.

Patterns: The year 2017 calls for mixed patterns. You will see patterns belonging to different elements mixed together to form one large pattern, much like our cosy quilts of mixed designs. Natural patterned elements like butterflies, leaves, flowers, wood bark(embedded, textured or printed) on interior fashion accessories are the flavour of the season.

Picture Courtesy: Anthropologie

Product: Products that are handcrafted, natural and artistic in nature are in fashion in this generation of home styling. Go ahead and invest in an artistic piece of wooden furniture, that handmade vase or a beautiful painted lamp shade that has caught your fancy. This is the right time to splurge.

Picture Courtesy: Homedesignlover.com

Texture & Fabric: Soft textures like cotton, linen and yarns,which give you an organic and natural feel, is just what you need this summer to be in style. Experiment with laces and linen or colour blocking in cottons, you never know what you would discover.

Picture Courtesy: Restoration Hardware

If you’re not much into home decor fashion or do not fancy being in trend, then bring the outdoors in and add a lot of potted plants, de-clutter your home, splurge on whites,open the windows and sip on a cool lemonade, after all home is where the heart is!

Picture Courtesy: The Every Girl

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